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Contamination Control

Disinfectant Floor Mats, 85CM x 150CM

Disinfectant Mat and Shoe Drying Mat Two stage approach to disinfecting shoes upon entry to a building. Durable nylon pile and choice of backing (Flat for hard floors or Gripper for carpeted floors) Machine washable to 60°C Size: 85CM x 150CM Thickness: 9mm Mats sold separately. Disinfectant not included.
£106.46  ex. VAT

Anti-Microbial Tacky Mat (120 sheets)

Anti-Microbial Tacky Floor Mat A pad of disposable adhesive peel-away PE sheets with anti-microbial properties. Pack of 4 pads of 30 sheets each, total of 120 sheets. Self-adhesive backing. Size: 45cm x 117cm Material: PE (Polyethylene) Colour: White or Blue
£97.53  ex. VAT

Cleanroom Tacky Mat (60 sheets)

Cleanroom Tacky Mats A pad of adhesive disposable peel-away PE sheets for preventing walked in contamination. Mounted on a sturdy rigid backing for loose-lay installation. 60 sheets per pad. Size: 60cm x 80cm  or  80cm x 130cm Material: PE (Polyethylene) Colour: White or Blue
From £100.67  ex. VAT

Our range of contamination control mats are the first line of defense against walked in contaminants such as dust particles and also pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Prevent the spread of these contaminants throughout your building by stopping them at the door. Suitable for clean rooms, hospitals, laboratories and dust-controlled environments.

When airborne contaminants (including bacteria and viruses) fall to the floor they are easily spread around by people's shoes, posing a high risk of contamination. Placing contamination control between areas greatly reduces the spread of contamination between different areas of a building.

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