Did you know?

  1. 80%  of the dirt found in a building is tracked in on people's shoes.
  2. 1000 people  entering a building can carry in more than  2kg of dirt.
  3. 40%  of businesses' cleaning budgets on average is spent on floor maintenance.
  4. Tracked in moisture is the  No. 1  cause of accidental slips and falls on hard floors.
  5. Up to  70%  of floor wear is the result of tracked in soil and moisture.
  6. Just  1500 visitors  can remove  40%  of the finish off a floor.
  7. Tracked in dirt is the  No. 1  cause of elevator maintenance problems.

Effective mat placement benefits   

  • Traps up to 90% of tracked-in dirt
  • Reduces your cleaning costs
  • Extends the lifespan of your flooring
  • Improves safety standards
  • Improves your company image

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