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Anti-slip floor tape (barefoot areas)

Non-Abrasive Anti-slip Floor Tape 50mm x 18m

Low abrasion anti-slip tape for barefoot areas

Dimensions: 50mm wide x 18m long

Colours: Clear or grey

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Low abrasion anti-slip tape for barefoot areas

This low abrasion tape has a unique non-slip coating to ensure an effective non-slip floor surface, yet has a smooth and comfortable walking surface. The low abrasion coating prevents damage to skin, shoes or wetsuits and is ideal for marine applications and all wet areas including bathtubs, shower trays and tiled floors. The hygienic smooth surface also means it is suitable for food preparation areas.


- Unique non-slip coating combining non-slip and comfort
- High coefficient of friction when wet
- Low abrasion and no harsh grit granules
- Permanent adhesive coating
- Quick and easy installation
- Comfortable for barefeet
- Ideal for marine applications
From tom | 2015-09-06 00:17:38

Is this usable for wet surfaces / e.g around a swimmng pool? and is it usable for swimming pool steps that lead into the water??


Yes it would be suitable for this application if the pool surround and steps are tiled.

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