Interlocking rubber edging strip (Male/Female) Enlarge

Interlocking rubber edging strip (Male/Female)

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Size: 7.5cm x 99cm

Colour: Black

For use with RM/0910 & RM/0911

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Interlocking edging strip for use with the 3'x3' interlocking rubber mats (RM/0910 and RM/0911).

Two sides of the 3'x3' interlocking mats are male, the other two sides are female.

All edging strips come with a corner which needs to be trimmed off when forming a continuous edge.

Only for sale with the RM/0910 and RM/0911. These may not be purchased separately without the mats.


Density: gr/cm³: 1.5
Hardness: ° Shore A +/- 5° (DIN 53519): 55
Elongation at break: 300 % (DIN 53504)
Ultimate tensile strength: 4 MPa (DIN 53504)
Temperature resistant °C: -30/+70
Posted by Aldwyn Jones | 2014-11-21 14:45:40

Do you do these edging strips in yellow?


We only have these edging strips in black I'm afraid.

Posted by Christina | 2014-10-15 15:39:05

We are planning to buy 9 RM/0910 to be laid in a square 3x3. We want to have the edges for two sides that are next to each other. Are the female/male sides opposite or next to eachother on one tile?


The female/male sides are next to each other (adjacent) rather than opposite.

Posted by Malcolm Hume | 2014-01-06 10:11:49

Can you explain the difference between male and female edging strips please.


Hello Two adjacent edges of the mats are male, and the other two adjacent edges are female. The male edging strips fit onto the female edges of the mat, and the female edging strips fit the male edges of the mat. Basically, the male edges have dowels that stick out, and the female edges have recesses that accomodate the dowels. I hope that makes sense. Regards Harry

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