Permeable Paving Grids

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We supply a range of porous paving solutions for all types of applications and vehicle traffic. From pedestrian and light car traffic to HGVs and plant machinery, our paving grids have it covered.

Permeable paving solutions are needed to reduce the strain placed on our sewers during periods of heavy rainfall. Permeable ground surfaces allow rainfall to drain naturally into the ground thereby reducing the amount of rain water entering our sewers. Permeable paving can eliminate the need for conventional drainage systems required for impermeable ground surfaces such as tarmac and concrete leading to significant cost savings.

Plastic paving grids offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete grass pavers. Our paving grids are all manufactured in the UK from recycled HDPE, and use considerably less material than concrete alternatives leading to greatly reduced transportation and installlation costs. Furthermore they are extremely robust and are much less likely to be damaged as easily as concrete pavers.